Exploring animal instincts in people

I strongly feel animals were created in God’s infinite wisdom to show how diverse qualities a man can possess if he tends to be evil. Man was gifted with a conscience which all animals lacked to discern good from evil. He was supposed to possess good qualities. But he began to explore the dark side.

In the recent world, this affinity to the dark side stems from the fact that people might take advantage of you in this supposedly harsh world. Such metamorphosis they say is good to blend with the surroundings. But I beg to differ. You can ‘go with the flow’ but not into the gutter.

Man has borrowed a number of qualities from animals: He sticks his tongue out like a chameleon to devour a wad of notes, picks up fights like a lion and thinks he is a braveheart, jumps from one tree to another when an opportunity beckons like a monkey proving to be disloyal and calls himself an opportunist, gores people like a bull proving to be headstrong, hunts gullible people stalking them and plotting evil strategies like a pack of wild dogs, cries like a crocodile when people accuse him.

So beware of animals…err…….man:)


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