The Hallowed Stereotype

Recently I met a new stereotype. You should think before you lock horns with them. They are characterized by a perennial supply of fodder to their egos to sustain them even amid a constant barrage of criticism and an unrelenting volley of insults from close quarters alongwith a blatant denial of direct involvement in the scuffle though supported by irrefutable evidence. Deriving of pleasure by inflicting wounds on the defenseless in a visibly grotesque fashion can also be noted confirming a sadistic nature. They retort back with select expletives for every word which is misconstrued as being uttered to undermine their authority.

The moment you meet them, you should shun all your hopes of leading a normal life. You should get a tonsure on your head and consider a life of being an abbott in a monastery. They let you explore a feeling of mysticism.

The remedy for escaping from their clutches is a simple one: reply using mono syllables and that too with a great deal of innovative thinking. This situation is analogous to being stuck in quick sand- the more you resist, the deeper you go. Be composed, carefully lie on your back and slowly slither out like a snake vanishing into the woods nearby. At the end of this ordeal, you are left with a question as to whether they are devoid of emotions which constitute the very essence of human life.


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