Words Of Yore

Hurtling choicest abuses is not an arduous task, but resolving to contain the anger within surely is. You never know what lies in wait for the unsuspecting iconoclast at every other secluded alley to ensnare him. In what life seems to be an irresistible platter of delectable dishes doled out for the well deserved, is a decoy often led to a scourging platform full of bruised bodies.

Eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Such sayings have lost its sheen and people adhering to such opinion are mocked at. They surely are like a cavalry of unbridled horses galloping on their way to perdition. Discipline should have been inculcated in their colt days.

Man was engineered to be a sweet aroma of savourable virtues to God. Everything is designed for a specific purpose. If it strays from the designated purpose, it is of no value to the creator. While trespassing on others property is deemed to be offensive, they are doing it on God’s property. It is ludicrous to maintain that life is short and is to be enjoyed. The gamble involved is ineffably large.


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