Education is wh…

Education is what remains in you, after you have forgotten what you learned in school- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein emphasized the need for creativity to be incorporated in the school syllabi. His profound insight that ebbs from this quote, is a grim reminder of the sordid state of affairs at the elementary level of learning. He was opposed to the idea of mechanical learning.

A self-professed degree surely quantifies your capabilities as to what ‘degree’ you have honed your skills mechanically in the eyes of your much hyped adjudicator. He has certified it and eulogized these mechanical skills, imbibing values in you to vouch for lofty ideals. He may also have taught you to bask in these values and assimilate the concepts mechanically, but there should be a quantifiable approach to gauge your creative skills and nurture them with a profound level of ingenuity.


Irksome Gossipers

Rumour mongering is a thriving business. The members privy to this business are a committed lot and have written their names in the annals of history. They have an innate, all consuming passion for gossip. This has cemented their names in this deemed business.

They loiter in the streets or in places bustling with unsuspecting victims: flea markets, culverts to name a few. A fleeting glimpse of their gullible victims is all that they need to catch up a conversation and elicit newsworthy content. As mentioned, they hope that their victims may spill the beans over a raging issue that is doing the rounds in their immediate vicinity- the trending topic.

These denigrated stereotypes achieve nothing but disgrace. In their innermost being, they sense that people are avoiding them. People perceive them as outcasts and boycott them, thus affecting their social life, and in a way, ostracizing them from the community that they belong to. This mounting disgrace is openly witnessed by the people as in a spectator sport.

Later, as they mull over the spate of events that exacerbated this situation, they try to make amends. The futility of the efforts reined in to make amends drive them to resort to unconventional methods that herald a change in their attitude. But, old habits die hard, I guess.

The Unfathomable Abyss

What lies in the human heart has been a debatable question that has been haunting people from diverse sections of the society and intriguing them from many a millennia. The answer is still elusive. The heart may seem just a lump of flesh and nerves working in tandem to nourish a body, but there is more to it than it meets the eye.

In it is locked a treasure trove of quantifiable information on people’s inclinations, their base desires, fetishes for abominable actions, avarice, a noted tendency to incite quarrel among fellowmen in the name of retribution and the like. All these unadmitted misdeeds are done in a bid to meet his selfish ends. The admitted and the openly endorsed ones are preferably a decoy and are done to cloak the unadmitted ones. This is carried out under the pretense of sounding benevolent, so that people construe his activities as being noble ones.

You can only guess what lies in the mind from a slew of derivable actions on part of man. It takes a lot of questions to be posed to him. You should be a good judge of character or up in cahoots with him for a time that is deemed worthy. It is truly a daunting task and you can end up being discouraged and left with misconstrued notions. This can qualify to be a shot in the dark.

Of the Ostentatious and the Ignorant

The ostentatious people keep scheming against the easy going, as they seem to be an easy prey to them. A glaring mistake that the latter has committed is that they have been caught unawares by the eavesdropping on part of these people, leaving them ridden with a myriad of problems.The devious designs of these ostentatious people is a dig at them to mar their image among their acquaintances. These futile plans of these disgruntled ‘publicists’ can go haywire and are easily backfired, leaving themselves soaked in a filthy mess of epic proportions. Unaware of this unforeseen danger looming large, they reap a bountiful harvest of discord.

Recently, an innocuous victim of such a ventriloquist’s ire, who seemed to regale him with her flirtatious talks, became aware of the sinister plan she had laid out for him. Nonetheless, being late in registering this in his mind, he is yet to recover from the deadly contagion. I probed this from his recent gesticulations to a question I deliberately posed to him in one of my philanthropic endeavours to enlighten him of her grave misdeeds.

These myopic people need to imbibe some values in their own self, in order to coexist. They also need to exhibit some clairvoyance and have a heart for the meek and humble. A brief knowledge of the emotional intricacies involved in relationships and the camaraderie shared between the kith and kin of their prospective victims can go a long way in achieving a peaceful existence in their vicinity.

Slander, Old Hags and a Gargantuan Mess

The old hags I encounter are a bundle of lies and deceit. These nuances they pick up during the course of their less appealing lives put them on the way to perdition. They take pleasure in inflicting wounds on the gullible. This manipulative nature of theirs is misconstrued by them as being smart.

They try to gain a foothold in your lives through a myriad of ways, the most striking one is you being at loggerheads with your kith and kin over a trivial issue or an embryonic stage of a resentment. Once they are on a sure footing, they let the bovine instincts come into play by opening a Pandora’s box among people close to your bosom, triggering an internal feud. Thus the damage is total.

They insinuate naïve minds with slander and beguile them into the throes of the unforgiving guillotine. There is no magic potion to detoxify these hearts of such vicious slander. The hostility bred can have tantalizing effects on the idyllic environs. A subtle hint that you are preyed upon by these sadistic minds is a lack of peace in your daily routine, as opposed to the comparatively ethereal happiness that you hither to experienced.

Keep them oblivious of your plans and convictions, or they will succeed in adding fuel to the fire, instead of soothing frayed nerves and easing tensions. Try to shun their company and wriggle out of the situation. Collect diverse opinions adjudicating your current orientation, that will aid you in breaking free from your ever-imposing shackles.