Slander, Old Hags and a Gargantuan Mess

The old hags I encounter are a bundle of lies and deceit. These nuances they pick up during the course of their less appealing lives put them on the way to perdition. They take pleasure in inflicting wounds on the gullible. This manipulative nature of theirs is misconstrued by them as being smart.

They try to gain a foothold in your lives through a myriad of ways, the most striking one is you being at loggerheads with your kith and kin over a trivial issue or an embryonic stage of a resentment. Once they are on a sure footing, they let the bovine instincts come into play by opening a Pandora’s box among people close to your bosom, triggering an internal feud. Thus the damage is total.

They insinuate naïve minds with slander and beguile them into the throes of the unforgiving guillotine. There is no magic potion to detoxify these hearts of such vicious slander. The hostility bred can have tantalizing effects on the idyllic environs. A subtle hint that you are preyed upon by these sadistic minds is a lack of peace in your daily routine, as opposed to the comparatively ethereal happiness that you hither to experienced.

Keep them oblivious of your plans and convictions, or they will succeed in adding fuel to the fire, instead of soothing frayed nerves and easing tensions. Try to shun their company and wriggle out of the situation. Collect diverse opinions adjudicating your current orientation, that will aid you in breaking free from your ever-imposing shackles.


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