Of the Ostentatious and the Ignorant

The ostentatious people keep scheming against the easy going, as they seem to be an easy prey to them. A glaring mistake that the latter has committed is that they have been caught unawares by the eavesdropping on part of these people, leaving them ridden with a myriad of problems.The devious designs of these ostentatious people is a dig at them to mar their image among their acquaintances. These futile plans of these disgruntled ‘publicists’ can go haywire and are easily backfired, leaving themselves soaked in a filthy mess of epic proportions. Unaware of this unforeseen danger looming large, they reap a bountiful harvest of discord.

Recently, an innocuous victim of such a ventriloquist’s ire, who seemed to regale him with her flirtatious talks, became aware of the sinister plan she had laid out for him. Nonetheless, being late in registering this in his mind, he is yet to recover from the deadly contagion. I probed this from his recent gesticulations to a question I deliberately posed to him in one of my philanthropic endeavours to enlighten him of her grave misdeeds.

These myopic people need to imbibe some values in their own self, in order to coexist. They also need to exhibit some clairvoyance and have a heart for the meek and humble. A brief knowledge of the emotional intricacies involved in relationships and the camaraderie shared between the kith and kin of their prospective victims can go a long way in achieving a peaceful existence in their vicinity.


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