The Unfathomable Abyss

What lies in the human heart has been a debatable question that has been haunting people from diverse sections of the society and intriguing them from many a millennia. The answer is still elusive. The heart may seem just a lump of flesh and nerves working in tandem to nourish a body, but there is more to it than it meets the eye.

In it is locked a treasure trove of quantifiable information on people’s inclinations, their base desires, fetishes for abominable actions, avarice, a noted tendency to incite quarrel among fellowmen in the name of retribution and the like. All these unadmitted misdeeds are done in a bid to meet his selfish ends. The admitted and the openly endorsed ones are preferably a decoy and are done to cloak the unadmitted ones. This is carried out under the pretense of sounding benevolent, so that people construe his activities as being noble ones.

You can only guess what lies in the mind from a slew of derivable actions on part of man. It takes a lot of questions to be posed to him. You should be a good judge of character or up in cahoots with him for a time that is deemed worthy. It is truly a daunting task and you can end up being discouraged and left with misconstrued notions. This can qualify to be a shot in the dark.


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