Irksome Gossipers

Rumour mongering is a thriving business. The members privy to this business are a committed lot and have written their names in the annals of history. They have an innate, all consuming passion for gossip. This has cemented their names in this deemed business.

They loiter in the streets or in places bustling with unsuspecting victims: flea markets, culverts to name a few. A fleeting glimpse of their gullible victims is all that they need to catch up a conversation and elicit newsworthy content. As mentioned, they hope that their victims may spill the beans over a raging issue that is doing the rounds in their immediate vicinity- the trending topic.

These denigrated stereotypes achieve nothing but disgrace. In their innermost being, they sense that people are avoiding them. People perceive them as outcasts and boycott them, thus affecting their social life, and in a way, ostracizing them from the community that they belong to. This mounting disgrace is openly witnessed by the people as in a spectator sport.

Later, as they mull over the spate of events that exacerbated this situation, they try to make amends. The futility of the efforts reined in to make amends drive them to resort to unconventional methods that herald a change in their attitude. But, old habits die hard, I guess.


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