In Twilight Years: Life Nearing 30

The transition into a score and a half years from a universally accepted age of youthful vigour, zest and carefree life is a hard one and takes a toll on your mind. Your mind is full of anxiety, as to what challenges this number is going to bring- could you be beset with difficulties or lose your charm among your pals? The answer can give you an eerie feeling with jitters.

You can be expected to grow a pot-like belly, which is in no mood to shrink. There is a possibility of you falling prey to male pattern baldness, with a disappearing fringe. If you are wrought into wedlock, you may yearn for the so-called marital bliss or the ethereal happiness in your surroundings and family. Your camaraderie with the opposite sexes is going to be sullen with no expected fireworks. They may even look at you as a wise old sage and expect you to give a discourse or two on how dreary and challenging the life is, ridden with pitfalls and other snares.

Take all of these discomfitures with an all-evading persona and be assured that this is a stepping stone set by your life leading you towards a myriad of fulfilling roles which could be as fun as an exhilarating joyride to the distant galaxies, replete with endless chatter. This is a ploy on part of your life to lead you to a time of polished halos and the grace that comes with age. As they say, grey hair is a crown on your head and the sign of wisdom.


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