Perils Of Being Ultra Popular

Celebrities dwell on the incessant praises of their mesmerized and spell bound fans, who are oblivious of the person’s true self and are total strangers to them. They are inundated with congratulatory calls and flattering messages about their ravishing looks or compliments about their noble gestures such as philanthropic activities and intellectual abilities or their acumen.

They have a hectic and demanding schedule and have to toil laboriously to meet various challenges. Being in vogue constantly, connecting with a huge fan base on the move and maintaining their specific brand image, to name a few, is a herculean task. The designers, publicists or managers should be endowed with impeccable artistic, marketing and managerial skills, for this glamorous type.

Being flattered  constantly can leave them susceptible to outrageous fallacies and devious designs. They can get so blinded that they may overlook the minutiae and be rendered gullible by leaping into situations that can have far reaching implications on their careers. This can be done by harboring hideous and ostentatious sycophants who have ulterior motives to denigrate them or fill their own coffers. They should be on guard against these people. Once bitten, twice shy.


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