Modern Christianity: Doomsday Cult or Elixir of Life

Christianity has braved a number of attempts to malign it and endured other unimaginable throes of dogged persecution it was subjected to and has come out victorious. These distasteful and futile attempts to undermine the church’s authority through slander and libel, complementing each other, are in vain.

It is not a building to be reduced to rubble or blown to smithereens, but an interwoven and interconnected, closely knit fellowship of individuals who are up in cahoots to bring about a noteworthy change in people enslaved to bondages and other ever-imposing shackles.

There is irrefutable evidence in the annals of history to prove that its inception was not a figment of imagination and even eminent historians endorse it. The historic places and landmarks that have made their way into the Bible are prevalent even to this day and stand testimony to the fact that Christianity has deep filial roots embedded in a mantle of piety.

Modern Christianity has not done away with the tenets of its older self, but has fallen prey to the rave sense of imagination of its rather upbeat members. This modern Christianity too radiates an aura of godliness despite its rebel factions.


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