Bullies: Ominous Portents?

Bullies give their victims horrid nightmares. They are often flanked by innumerable henchmen who have no qualms about taking up cudgels against unsuspecting and innocent victims. They are on the prowl for harming their victims in the darkest of allies. The victim is unaware of their notoriety for sadism. When questioned, they can pull wool over your eyes and the soft corner in your heart for them can lead you to believe that they are in foster care or at the mercies of a lovelorn couple.

The complaint against these bullies can result in the travesty of justice because the victims and the witnesses involved are ill-equipped to handle the impromptu nature of it, as they are underage. The bully can get manipulative and use the facts to his advantage.

If you leave the bullies go scot-free without apprehending or reprimanding them, you will be stuck in a maze of guilt that convicts you in that you ignored an obvious omen that foreboded an impending disaster. This can sicken you in your gut as the upbeat sadism these bullies exhibit can take the form of a vindictive nature concerning the poor victim. Moreover, they can grow up into hooligans. You should have nipped them in the bud. Don’t ignore these tell tale signs.


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