An Ode to Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its salubrious climate and is teeming with a vibrant population. The technological advancements here are solely driven by these industrious engineers who are on a war footing. There are summer palaces of many medieval kings that are tell tale signs of the footprints of aristocracy deeply etched in the sands of time.

Modern Bangalore is known for pothole ridden and waterlogged roads, battering thunderstorms, frequent power outages, uprooted trees, ill-equipped emergency services, haphazard town planning, lack of coordination between civic agencies, irate mobs craving for action, hooligans on the prowl, uncivilized populace, developmental projects hanging in a limbo, people aping the west and repulsive to their tradition and culture. All these impede the development of this city and make it a soulless city discouraging cohabitation.

This does not negate the fact that it is a technological hub of India and the civic amenities here are of high standards. The indomitable spirit of Bangaloreans takes precedence over the aforesaid issues plaguing its urban populace. A stroll through the boulevards of this place can toss your inhibitions regarding it aside. Let go of them and take a breather.


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