Rave Ideologies

Tremendous criticism is often levied upon misogyny, male chauvinism and feminism. All these ideologies stem from the horrid nightmares that the people exhibiting these have encountered in their vaguely reminiscent distant past. They fail to get a bigger picture. These lopsided ideologies are endemic to people with an eroded intellect.

Many people lend a ear to the clash of these ideologies which can rake up huge profits by way of attracting a number of eyeballs for businesses that are involved in voicing opinions of people, such as the televised versions of the news media. Ever open to innovative ways that can hitchhike them to success moneywise, they don’t waver a bit in incorporating this strategy.

Many professionals can be at loggerheads among themselves, trying to spruce up imperfections in their evaluation of these minds. Perhaps, a well directed and melodious lullaby can help soothe these turbulent minds.


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