Policing Nightmare

Law enforcers in some developing countries endorse and promote an exorbitant use of expletives while discharging their daily duties. This rude behavior is the norm these days. Corruption has sunk its teeth deep in the ailing system that they represent, making it difficult for the common man to survive.

This is in stark contrast to their counterparts in the developed countries, where a policeman has to sound polite and well-mannered while discharging his duties. The cause for this squeamish policing is that everything is recorded in a camera so that erring officials can be brought to book and be held accountable for their actions. This curtails a lot of malfeasance in these countries so that the officials concerned won’t go scot free.

These officials are hand in glove with the corrupt and tainted superiors and bureaucrats. They take advantage of the loopholes and lacunae in the system, fleecing less influential and lower rung people. They sit pretty on the huge mound of ill-gotten wealth that they have amassed over the years. This wealth that they have siphoned off from the victims of their atrocities is abhorred by the latter.

There is no respite for the common man. He gazes into the distant horizon at the hope of finding help, but is bereft of hope. The people who have bore the brunt of these enforcers’ antics nurse an ambition to clean up this mess that emanates a disgusting and unbearable stench.

They are very eager to be part of groups with ideologies that promise to bring about a change in the system. A concerted effort on part of these citizens is required to sustain these ideologies and such movements are best brought to fruition by a prominent person spearheading them. These movements do promise you a part of Shangri La, but something is far better than nothing.


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