Wireless for the Headless

Owning cell phones has become such a fad that even people with bare necessities do consider owning one. The people are undeterred and unfazed even though they are presented with irrefutable evidence that justifies its carcinogenic effects on the human body. It surely categorizes itself in the non-ionizing radiation category, but there is ample evidence to uphold the fact that prolonged exposure can render people terminally sick.

Oblivious of the danger looming large over its ill-informed users in the form of health hazards, it has been touted as the fourth basic necessity in life. Barely a decade or two old, it has insinuated itself into the homes of individuals who have made it a part of their wardrobe accessory. They have even come to terms with the pesky nature of it.

It is not an uncommon sight to witness a cacophony of the ringing alerts emanating from clandestine locations within the confines of a lady’s vanity bag. This can be a jumble of sorts in an opera, as every shrill cry of the fat lady can give you an eerie feeling of being confronted with a call- in medical parlance, phantom mobile syndrome. Confront the ‘ghost of your present’.


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