Tropical Magic Potion

Mention the words ‘coconut water’ and you are likely to be met with derision and scorn for not being ‘hep’. This humble coconut water may look to the uninitiated and those repulsive to greener options on the lines of an energy drink as a concoction of mucus and slime, but it encapsulates more than this in its hard shell. This water is packed with nutrients enough to cause the lazy sloth to run berserk with energy when assimilated in its system. It can revive anything under the sun and cause it to spring to life in a jiffy.

Technically, the liquid is referred to as ‘endosperm’ and is known to shoulder the responsibility of nurturing the growth of the shooting branches of the palm. The ‘cytokinins’ present in it are known to possess anti-ageing qualities like the fabled fountain of youth. Though it would be far-fetched to say that it can breathe life literally into dead cells, it is believed to have this potential- at least in some people’s minds. As a lot of you people including me are convinced that longevity is absolutely surreal and has remained elusive for a human from time immemorial, this can be folklore or a figment of imagination of certain creative people. And to be exact, this is the case!

Succinctly put, it is especially useful to people who have fallen prey to dehydration and other normally tropical vagaries that plague a human life there. This was a loquacious attempt to eulogize the humble coconut, but was cut short- partly owing to time constraints. Couldn’t do much to stay away from my inhibitions regarding the medical jargon. Could have been more inimitable, I guess?   


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