This Age’s Tryst With Technology

The dawn of technology has seen the interaction between  people in shambles. So much so that the many pleasurable outdoor activities that would bring a glint in your eye, from the more childish past times like hula hoop, kite running, chasing butterflies to the more adult-oriented ones like pruning a garden, tending to farm animals, are all done virtually.

Many a time people walking along, found to gesticulate ‘handsfree’ are in dire risks of being lampooned by passersby. To cater to these people besotted with the latest ‘detaching’ gadgets, the technology providers have come up with a variety of devices from their repertoire.

This ogling at the pesky gadgets can reach to such a degree that it can hamper productivity at many workplaces- bringing work to a standstill at many premieres of these. You are bound to witness a wry smile wrought on their faces when stuck in this melee characterized with long serpentine queues. They can even walk over a dead body in a bid to get their hands upon one of these imp’s delights.

They spend a fortune on these hand-held devices and then there’s no looking back. Just a nudge from a technology enthusiast can prod them into buying many of these in succession. They cannot even waver a bit at the prospect of pledging their organs for these. They beg for money like a tramp after a fortnight of the dastardly act of buying it. This fetish can be termed thus, ‘buy and be bought’.


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