Geniuses Without A Calling

The world is filled with deluded souls lobbying with each other at the prospect of landing a plum post in their desired not-to-be field. There is no dearth of people who are bent upon fleecing these attention-seekers by setting up bait in unsuspecting locations. These shady people are mostly pretentious while dealing with these victims.

Man’s highest destiny is to serve, not to be served- Albert Einstein

The rat race entailing this quest for prominence leaves a gaping hole in their virtues, if they succeed. The ego that occupies this gaping hole is detrimental to the camaraderie often witnessed between themselves and their acquaintances. These acquaintances snub them and search for other alternatives.

This exodus to greener pastures leaves these accidental geniuses contrite in the spirit. They are bereft of hope deep inside as to whether there would be any sort of reconciliation. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. When the dogs are very much attached to you, there is no need to keep them on a tight leash. Get rid of the leash and dog will follow. Works always for these geniuses.         


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