Exegesis Of Being Dubious

The childhood is a fantasy land where people are oblivious of the imminent danger that lies in wait for them in adulthood. This fantasy land keeps locked in its vault a possible manifestation of vices that it has in store for them during the course of their adulthood. At the onset of which they are unleashed in all their fury.

Dubious people are a befitting example of how certain malicious arrows that they had plotted to dart from the confines of their quiver to certain targets stray  and pierce their own vicious hearts.   These were the feelings that were lying dormant in their juvenile stage of life- causing hurt to gullible people by maybe, bullying. They have now taken the form of an unyielding monster.

They are forced to think that they have become a product of their own thoughts. They were unable to quell their own grave misdeeds that they were privy to from their carefree days because of their eroded intellect. They can now be sure that their such a debacle in principles was bequeathed to them from the posse of friends whose pleasurable company they once craved for and later succumbed to its vagaries.

They can never get out from this maze. Once lost, lost forever- there is no turning back. 



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