People’s Obsession Over Alcoholics

The moment people see someone with a staggering gait, they draw conclusions as to whether he is in an inebriated state or not. They investigate about his sobriety through a number of ingenious ways. These can range from sniffing his body odour to searching for tell tale signs in his breath.

Some take advantages of the inference of the above investigation and follow his trail throughout with their noses on the ground like the nasty roadside mongrels. These penniless opportunists’ recce is the result of an evolution of skills honed over the years with a keen eye for improvisation. Hordes of people denying them the freebies have faced dire consequences amounting to being ostracized by their loosely knit community.

People of the former type have these tipsy people labelled with numerous tags and set the rumor mills running with all kinds of vilifying chatter, thus demeaning them. This mindless chatter can leave a dent in the remnants of their victim’s reputation, which is obviously fragile.

My advice to these people: pay the victim money for his de-addiction from your own pockets and release him from his shackles of slavery. Nothing works for free.


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