Sodden With Inferiority Complex

The stereotype markedly exhibiting signs of inferiority complex is not a victim who is bogged down by expectations from peers and intimate people. The story is different altogether- He is prone to outrageous fallacies, the prominent of them being less motivated and indifferent to his close companions’ nudge to achieve great things.

He is ignorant of the luxuries of a lavish lifestyle that he has the potential to achieve. Always on the lookout for the necessary ‘impetus’ required to set him into the orbit, he has failed to comprehend the meaning of the saying- ‘A genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’.

Admiring the intellect of the companions that he can relate to is not enough- it is a job half done.  He should also be man enough to dream and set his heart upon unrealistic goals. While the time flies, his job is to stay in tune with these changing times  and adapt suitably. Being a mom’s blue-eyed boy, he has to shoulder the responsibility of fulfilling the wishes of his doting parents.

Take the initiative, let go of the reverie and accomplish something big. This should be his mantra.


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