Persuasive Misdemeanor

Many aspiring theatrical sensations should take a lesson or two from the news mongers aka media in their version of successfully managing crises. According to them, a duck rendered lame by an inadvertent act of a motorist should be treated in luxury hospices. This should be done at the cost of rerouting a prominent person’s convoy who happens to be scheduled to pass through that spot.

This accusation levied against the ‘ill-fated’ person’s convoy (who is at the receiving end of criticisms) does not shed light on people’s insolent might over the less privileged sections in the land, but is a way to intricately weave magic into the script writer’s dwindling cash reserves so that they may spring to life. All this sinister plan to rake up huge profits is devised at the cost of such lame ducks on the street and is often cloaked in an ensemble of philanthropism.

If the person’s convoy stopped at the accident spot, would it not jeopardize the reputation of the land and make it fall from grace in the eyes of the dignitaries assembled at the scheduled event the convoy was making its way to? Would it not raise concerns over the land’s lack of punctuality in matters of national importance?

My advice: Roast the duck on the grill and spare the dignitary of issues concerning lame ducks.


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