The All-Encompassing Vanity

When you reminisce the time haphazardly spent during the juvenile stage of your life, you are led to believe now that the ‘coveted’ and ‘highly acclaimed’ posts of leadership you once craved for were frivolous and too trivial. The popularity too of the rather ‘distinguished’ and ‘talented’ pupils seem to be just a fad.

All the hankering for the prospects of landing good grades, as if your whole world revolves around them becomes laughable. The constant pestering towards your instructor at the hope of being allotted top grades; the way he would squirm to explain your ignorance as to there is a world beyond the grades and importance is given to intellect there. These moments of embarrassment are often recollected.

All these warm, embarrassing and bitter memories which you conjure up make it very clear to you that these are just fleeting moments of a less important phase of life. You should not revel in this illusory stage but take important lessons from it- take a breather and come back to your senses, nothing is eternal.


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