Of Cataclysmic Events

Nowadays it does not take a big effort on part of you to witness a cataclysmic event live. You just have to rest your derriere on your favorite furniture with plush leather upholstery and tune in your tv. Soothsayers make brisk business when it comes to looking for signs that portend such calamitous events. These predictions do not hold water- more often than not. When these events do not occur as predicted they shift base to other lucrative locations fearing backlash from their ‘subjects’.

The real problem starts in the aftermath of these events. For example, when the floods subside, the carnage trailing them is of such gargantuan proportions that there are chances of a pandemic getting unleashed which is capable enough of threatening the entire region or race fallen victim to it into obliteration.

The regime has to press disaster management teams into service. Proper counter-measures to tackle this behemoth of disasters need to be undertaken. Proper facilities of potable water availability and proper burial for the carcasses strewn over the whole landscape is a must. It is wiser to have been aware of the signs beforehand than be stunned with a bolt from the blue. Undue justification won’t do. They ought to take a stance.


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