Feigning Ignorance: Is It Dumb?

The world is teeming with people that have a rudimentary understanding of the word ‘smart’. Actually, to be precise, the word ‘smart’ is misconstrued and is tantamount to being manipulative. This manipulative nature stems from the fact that they are convinced of a dearth of alternatives to lying, so as to ease a lot of things like soothing ruffled feathers and frayed nerves.

These debauchers can be seen clamoring for the coveted post of a ‘clinical liar’- one with a precision that can effectively avoid confrontations regardless of the triggers. This admirable person is a bundle of lies and deceit. His acquaintances are hell bent to ‘outsmart’ him and often green with envy towards him.

The people with the hallowed quality of feigning ignorance are far from the disgrace that surmounts a liar throughout his less-appealing life. All the above bunch of liars are confused with their disposition- whether they like the ‘smart liar’ or not. This motley collection of feelings can make them lose their orientation.

Never underestimate the ‘dumb’. 


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