Belittling Fate

It can be rather amusing to watch the hilarity at play concerning the fate of varied individuals. While at times it is overwhelming with joy to some, but it also can be unforgiving with sorrow to others. There is an exigency to unravel the mysteries regarding life that it plays so close to its chest, never allowing people to decipher them.

People get bewildered and thoroughly outwitted by these anomalies regarding fate’s favoritism towards  its select people. The unequivocal transience that is attached to every life on this gloomy and at the same time, a lively world never allows them to be at peace. They can be found constantly wrestling for a satisfactory answer.

The answer surely lies with the omniscient one and he rains it down from time and again on the truly seeking ones, but it is worth to try. Less akin to find an answer, mystics have taken the less trodden path and aim to be handed over the answer by many facets of divination. The answer is surely bound to come in the form of a raindown of hails because there is an answer to everything.

Be prepared with a shelter, lest you may get caught unawares and be found scurrying for cover.


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