Obfuscating Overtures

It is enlightening to notice how a strategy in life towards reaping supposedly huge benefits gets insinuated into the hapless victim’s habits and way of life. It gets so deeply rooted into a person’s mannerisms so much so that they find it difficult to wriggle out of it, toss all inhibitions aside that hitherto prevented them from incorporating it into their eventful life and gets deeply etched in them as their way of life.

Its malevolent presence is such that no matter what conscious effort they put in to outsmart and overcome it, they never come to fruition. For example, if a matriarch in the family wants to imbibe into her nubile generation certain aspects that entirely aid in the conservation of resources in the forthcoming eventful life of hers, it raises its ugly face in later episodes of her life.

This conserving nature can blossom into an unwelcoming and offensive behavior in the then nubile family member, resulting in opposition among the kith and kin. This is very evident in the fact that less interest is evinced in this matriarch’s pupil than other amicable and socially welcoming counterparts. All the efforts of the matriarch has become counterproductive to her brood.

This stingy behavior of the matriarch’s apple of her eye can result in her kith and kin boycotting her and the strategy she devised for her can be construed as enmity within the clan. Surely, this is an ulterior motive on part of the keen female who heeded her mother and it becomes a part of her life.

She may even try to sever relationships which were once cordial. But this truth prevails- ‘Those who sow in enmity will reap in discord’, and is largely proved in their life serving as a deterrent to further generations.


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