Of Superficial Values

There is a kind of hysteria among traditional people that has taken root in them owing to the fanaticism among their grown-ups regarding their affiliations to certain doctrines or rather rave ideologies. Such is the fanfare that if you are slightly off-course from the doctrines, it can be thought to invite troubles in the form of failed matrimony- the popular deterrent. Another popular deterrent is the fear of culture aficionados, normally their nearest kin.

What these people with an ‘eye for detail’ miss is that they are actually supporting the suppression of their spouses. The respectable elders who coerce the rebellion of the female folk in their family have a lot of skeletons and other stinking trash in their closet. A sneak-peek into their closets can give you a gut wrenching feeling and you may lose your appetite forever.

They seem to think that these hypocritical elders’ values hold them together. Seemingly enamored by the latter’s cloaked legacy which hides rotten bones caused by jealousy towards others, the former likes the person he has become by the constant chastisement of these elders. Its actually a case of blind leading the blind- they stumble upon every thing.

They grow up to be just like their elders. Have you seen oranges growing on an apple tree or figs growing on olive trees? Each tree yields a specific fruit.


Alluring Stubble

A large section of the wannabe English populace or more precisely, the people mimicking the English are repulsive to the idea of sporting a stubble. This section of the people prefer to brand this look as shaggy. Your rather ‘shabby’ look can make them derisive towards you and according to them mirrors an undisciplined attitude towards life.

These ‘disciplinarians’ have a rather merrymaking lifestyle. You cannot have an iota of doubt regarding their innovative ways of taking a dig at you. Even a slight outgrowth of supposedly ‘dense’ hair can make you think that your hair is disheveled or there is something wrong in your facial bone structure itself.

I think that this is a trend among creative people. But sporting a look that has rather ‘unkempt’ hair in your appearance can attract these pigs from their very sty. Once they find their way out of their sty it is very difficult to huddle them back to it. So better vanish into thin air or be at your own peril to confront these foul-mouthed weirdos. The choice is yours!

Love: Carnal and Divine

A healthy debate can ensue when carnal love is pitted against divine love. Carnal love is fed with coition or more precisely, sparked into existence with it. It is similar to a display of fireworks that seem extremely pleasant to the eye, but are a cacophony of irritable sounds less melodious on the aural side.

The vows too that are exchanged between the couple are not realistic and are influenced by feelings that weather away after a definitive passage of time. The couple engaged in this act of taking vows can be likened to a mere clanging cymbal. Words should take the form of deeds and be put into practice.

I personally detest such love because it is bereft of the pleasant virtues that entail every aspect of the Divine love. This makes the jolly ride with marital bliss that you assumed, less exhilarating. Divine love is filial in nature and sacrificial owing to the nature of the omnipotent one. The carnal love mentioned above can prove sacrilegious at times when not in tune with the time it is explored at. The promises too are kept because of His integrity. 

Such is the fanfare among people for carnal love that the divine one is rejected. Beware and be informed!

Bachelors of Yesteryears

In the overwhelming deluge of people during peak hours in a subway for instance, you can witness more than a score of them being bachelors at a certain point of time who studied something frivolous in their time spent in college. Among these denizens of people, there can be an infinitesimal amount of them who were actually pursuing this academic course as their pastime.

By the time they get a grip on these absurd frivolities, they discover that the sands of time are slipping away from their hands. Their guardians being in an illusory phase, bear the brunt of their ward’s reckless killing of time and aimless loitering in the dark alleys nearby from the mouth of their jealous and deceitful neighbors.

Later, after being downgraded by the hypocritical ‘samaritans’ and denigrated in the whole countryside, it is time to let their ward be transformed by the ameliorative effects that love has on a vile character such as his. They bank on this soothing balm of love and send the poor woman as a scapegoat to cover his sins and expect him to come out squeaky clean and repentant.

Tarnished reputation takes years to get polished. A dog returns to its own vomit. You can bank on that.

Sartorial Aping

Many developing countries have an innate desire for anything that is influenced by the western culture. They are highly tolerant to aping the west though some factions do oppose such mimicking. They label their antics as themselves being up in cahoots with people that support the ‘tenets’ that make up their distinguished religion or other lame arguments they come up with.

The buck does not stop here, but makes its way into the English lexicon too. People being part of this language are revered and lots of attention is lavished on their ‘discourses’. Anything ‘cool’ or ‘urban’ that is in line with the west or that is preferably anglicized sells like hot cakes.

This is much evident from the fact that the traditional attire that was very much a part of the natives in the motherland is replaced with comfy trousers and shirts. This preposterous change was vehemently opposed at its overtures towards being insinuated in the culture. This jeering later took the form of adulatory remarks for the wearer.

This transition can be befittingly called ‘arboreal hopping’.

The Stark Reality

The reality shows doing the rounds on your television are actually unreal. The whole act is staged to garner staggering TRPs for businesses. The enactment as a whole is scripted to produce heightened drama that aims to outwit their rivals and send them scurrying for cover, away from their brutal aggression.

The format is equally enchanting to the viewer wherein a lot of nitpicking stuff can be witnessed from the adjudicators. They seem all the more vile, surreptitious and insidious. Some of them can be outspoken and can hurl demeaning insults and taunts. Being provoked, the contestants can find themselves met with the hegemony of the adjudicators.

Speculation was rife that the voting system was manipulated to favor selected contestants. This is very much true and the drama in the interim that is blown to fisticuffs is the very nature of the people formulating these shows. There is no room for ethics in these shows. For it is said, out of the fullness of heart the mouth speaks. This goes the same for mannerisms too.