I’m merely a pa…

I’m merely a pawn in my maker’s hands.

The maker has at his disposal all the tools needed to shape your life. As a gardener prunes the branches to produce more fruits and flowers, so He wants to shape your life as a sweet aroma for the many generations to savor irrespective of the roots you belong to. As you may know a fruitless tree does not please him or anyone for that sake.

Moreover, a bland and distasteful fruit does qualify to be incinerated along with other garbage such as the chaff left over after winnowing a good deal of wheat. Pay obeisance to him and be on good terms with him so that he may exempt you of the inhumane and barbaric but just purging that awaits you in the confines of a savage and unforgiving world that is replete with a seething cauldron of debris, hot enough to scald you.


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