Glaring Misfits

Many a low-life can be seen clamoring for a piece of land in the vast expanse of an urban community. Extremely pretentious, one can witness his obsession of owning a plot in the urban landscape by hook or crook. This wily and crafty fox can scheme up devious designs out of the confines of his diabolical mind.

This innate craftiness of his can give you jitters regarding the future of your camaraderie with him as he happens to be your potential neighbor who you have to be acquainted with to better the prospects of your inter-dependency. There are umpteen ways to tackle this situation.

The best way to handle this misfit is to curtail the extensive usage of pleasantries you often exchange with the sober ones. You can put up a brave face and always reply in monosyllables. Once you give in to his less-appealing and manipulative designs it is very hard for him to revert to normal. He can even go to the extent of raining expletives on you.

Be composed and calculative and scare away the misfit. Let him taste his own medicine- bitter and lukewarm.


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