The Inner ‘Sanctum’

A peek into the psychology of the corrupt in the many developing countries can reveal a lot about their flawed perception regarding the anomalies in the distribution of wealth among the various strata of society. Though you may find yourself met with revulsion by being inquisitive about evaluating them, you can bag a lot of information from them regarding this.

For example, if you ask an explanation from the taxi driver about the exorbitant charges he has ‘levied’ upon you, he is likely to take you off on a joyride explaining various impediments that are on the path to his success. He will explain you that he can never meet materialistic sufficiency in his life by the pittance he earns from his occupation.

This ‘plausible’ argument leads you to analogies such as the ‘palatial’ houses that you have  built when compared to the shanty that he lives in- how they lack in amenities. It is irrelevant to him that you have acquired wealth from legitimate means and are not deceptive in your approach. The lines separating the legal from the illegal or other disgraced paths to success are blurred for him.

He can seem to go cold turkey anytime, but its only an illusion. Don’t throw your pearls before pigs, they’ll only trample them.



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