The Convenience Aspect

In these rapidly changing times, activities and tasks that people had a harrowing time to perform and accomplish have become child’s play. The reason for this is the world’s rising affinity to shrugging off responsibilities or more precisely, outsourcing. Tasks that are widely accepted to be daunting and draining on the energy reserves such as house building and marriage ceremonies are delegated to housing contractors and wedding planners.

This allays a lot of fears pertaining to imperfections involved in ushering the guests that arise out of inexperience in handling such ceremonies for novices. A seasoned hand can well spruce up these imperfections by deft handling and juggling a lot of activities in tandem that would gobble up a large chunk out of your time or schedule, otherwise.

All these demanding activities and a lot more of them have gradually found their way into many cultures. This ‘outsourcing’ can render a lot of rites involved in these meaningless. The human essence or feel is the main thing that is missing. Warm regards being the most important thing involved, is replaced by hospitality of strangers.

Courtesy cannot take the place of emotional bonding. Emotions have their own place.


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