Accidental Elders

Elders nowadays do not come with impeccable workmanship down the assembly line. They themselves profess that an inherent quality of judgment nurtured by experience makes them admirable in the sight of the less informed poor individuals. These highly evolved individuals do fit the bill when it comes to making informed decisions, but this quality among them is a rarity.

There are an ample lot of them that are an exception to this ‘inherent’ quality being endemic to them. You can find these villainous individuals spawning a truckload of controversies; being preyed upon by addictions and thus battered by terminal illnesses; inventing myriad ways of rumor mongering; loathing for perverse, lascivious and base fantasies;  having fetishes for celluloid and stellar ‘objects’ and so on.

They are deteriorated within themselves like moth-eaten clothes or termite-infested furniture or maggots preying on gangrenous body parts. This makes them all the more craving for respect. This translates into instructional sessions with the juvenile and nubile members of their community. Such pedagogy can be two-pronged depending on the type of instructor- one can be enriching and the other can be detrimental to your attitude towards life.

Grey hairs surely are the sign of wisdom, but wisdom is a rarity in itself. Knowledge-seekers beware, wisdom is sparse.



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