The Stark Reality

The reality shows doing the rounds on your television are actually unreal. The whole act is staged to garner staggering TRPs for businesses. The enactment as a whole is scripted to produce heightened drama that aims to outwit their rivals and send them scurrying for cover, away from their brutal aggression.

The format is equally enchanting to the viewer wherein a lot of nitpicking stuff can be witnessed from the adjudicators. They seem all the more vile, surreptitious and insidious. Some of them can be outspoken and can hurl demeaning insults and taunts. Being provoked, the contestants can find themselves met with the hegemony of the adjudicators.

Speculation was rife that the voting system was manipulated to favor selected contestants. This is very much true and the drama in the interim that is blown to fisticuffs is the very nature of the people formulating these shows. There is no room for ethics in these shows. For it is said, out of the fullness of heart the mouth speaks. This goes the same for mannerisms too.


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