Sartorial Aping

Many developing countries have an innate desire for anything that is influenced by the western culture. They are highly tolerant to aping the west though some factions do oppose such mimicking. They label their antics as themselves being up in cahoots with people that support the ‘tenets’ that make up their distinguished religion or other lame arguments they come up with.

The buck does not stop here, but makes its way into the English lexicon too. People being part of this language are revered and lots of attention is lavished on their ‘discourses’. Anything ‘cool’ or ‘urban’ that is in line with the west or that is preferably anglicized sells like hot cakes.

This is much evident from the fact that the traditional attire that was very much a part of the natives in the motherland is replaced with comfy trousers and shirts. This preposterous change was vehemently opposed at its overtures towards being insinuated in the culture. This jeering later took the form of adulatory remarks for the wearer.

This transition can be befittingly called ‘arboreal hopping’.


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