Bachelors of Yesteryears

In the overwhelming deluge of people during peak hours in a subway for instance, you can witness more than a score of them being bachelors at a certain point of time who studied something frivolous in their time spent in college. Among these denizens of people, there can be an infinitesimal amount of them who were actually pursuing this academic course as their pastime.

By the time they get a grip on these absurd frivolities, they discover that the sands of time are slipping away from their hands. Their guardians being in an illusory phase, bear the brunt of their ward’s reckless killing of time and aimless loitering in the dark alleys nearby from the mouth of their jealous and deceitful neighbors.

Later, after being downgraded by the hypocritical ‘samaritans’ and denigrated in the whole countryside, it is time to let their ward be transformed by the ameliorative effects that love has on a vile character such as his. They bank on this soothing balm of love and send the poor woman as a scapegoat to cover his sins and expect him to come out squeaky clean and repentant.

Tarnished reputation takes years to get polished. A dog returns to its own vomit. You can bank on that.


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