Love: Carnal and Divine

A healthy debate can ensue when carnal love is pitted against divine love. Carnal love is fed with coition or more precisely, sparked into existence with it. It is similar to a display of fireworks that seem extremely pleasant to the eye, but are a cacophony of irritable sounds less melodious on the aural side.

The vows too that are exchanged between the couple are not realistic and are influenced by feelings that weather away after a definitive passage of time. The couple engaged in this act of taking vows can be likened to a mere clanging cymbal. Words should take the form of deeds and be put into practice.

I personally detest such love because it is bereft of the pleasant virtues that entail every aspect of the Divine love. This makes the jolly ride with marital bliss that you assumed, less exhilarating. Divine love is filial in nature and sacrificial owing to the nature of the omnipotent one. The carnal love mentioned above can prove sacrilegious at times when not in tune with the time it is explored at. The promises too are kept because of His integrity. 

Such is the fanfare among people for carnal love that the divine one is rejected. Beware and be informed!


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