Alluring Stubble

A large section of the wannabe English populace or more precisely, the people mimicking the English are repulsive to the idea of sporting a stubble. This section of the people prefer to brand this look as shaggy. Your rather ‘shabby’ look can make them derisive towards you and according to them mirrors an undisciplined attitude towards life.

These ‘disciplinarians’ have a rather merrymaking lifestyle. You cannot have an iota of doubt regarding their innovative ways of taking a dig at you. Even a slight outgrowth of supposedly ‘dense’ hair can make you think that your hair is disheveled or there is something wrong in your facial bone structure itself.

I think that this is a trend among creative people. But sporting a look that has rather ‘unkempt’ hair in your appearance can attract these pigs from their very sty. Once they find their way out of their sty it is very difficult to huddle them back to it. So better vanish into thin air or be at your own peril to confront these foul-mouthed weirdos. The choice is yours!


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