Of Superficial Values

There is a kind of hysteria among traditional people that has taken root in them owing to the fanaticism among their grown-ups regarding their affiliations to certain doctrines or rather rave ideologies. Such is the fanfare that if you are slightly off-course from the doctrines, it can be thought to invite troubles in the form of failed matrimony- the popular deterrent. Another popular deterrent is the fear of culture aficionados, normally their nearest kin.

What these people with an ‘eye for detail’ miss is that they are actually supporting the suppression of their spouses. The respectable elders who coerce the rebellion of the female folk in their family have a lot of skeletons and other stinking trash in their closet. A sneak-peek into their closets can give you a gut wrenching feeling and you may lose your appetite forever.

They seem to think that these hypocritical elders’ values hold them together. Seemingly enamored by the latter’s cloaked legacy which hides rotten bones caused by jealousy towards others, the former likes the person he has become by the constant chastisement of these elders. Its actually a case of blind leading the blind- they stumble upon every thing.

They grow up to be just like their elders. Have you seen oranges growing on an apple tree or figs growing on olive trees? Each tree yields a specific fruit.


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