Uneducated Brutes

An interesting characteristic of the illiterate is that they are thick-skinned both in the lower part of the body and topmost one. The thick skin covering the torso and the limbs further aggravates their feral mindset because very less knowledge is registered in their brain because of this.

These dimwits do not allow anything to penetrate these minds of theirs- literally an impregnable fortress. If anything is not at par with their mental abilities or crosses their registration threshold, it is nonchalantly disposed and can even be met with brute force. Brute force is the norm because these illiterates believe in delivering a sound thrashing to the offenders without apprehending them to law enforcers.

These less gregarious people make the speaker an object of disdain. It can get worse if the former has fallen victim to a wretched vixen’s slander as the issue can blow out of proportion and can even be brought down to fisticuffs. Clueless about their pitiable state, they get besotted and trapped in the quagmire of an endless blame game yielding no results.

Hope these uneducated people exercise sobriety rather than jumping to conclusions regarding the vicious world that we as a people are privy to. They should first perambulate and then infer.


Dirt-Cheap Mentality

Cities are not litter-free. The surroundings may be Utopian and litter-free but the people themselves are drenched and sunk neck-deep in filth. Their bones have rotten deep to the marrow on account of jealousy. No matter how often they bathe with quality cake of soaps, the stench emanating from their gut deep down is often met with revulsion.

No matter how much lather they produce to ward off this stench, this superfluous action merits no response. These alive and kicking garbage mounds spread the contagion far and wide to towns, even those who boast of pristine beach surroundings.

What’s more surprising is that these garbage mounds replete with their stench are welcomed there. It is better to torch these garbage mounds along with the surroundings and the contagion. Well, there can be no second thoughts as garbage is always incinerated and not used to adorn the house.

P.S: The flies and maggots can be spared as they help in bio-degrading this garbage- again, a noble thing.

The Friend Trend

Many youth of vigor seem to be enamored by the idea of being privy to friendships that are bound to take them nowhere. While the wise opt for friends who are a call away during distress, another section of people garner friendship just to get a glimpse of the lively and colorful world rather than the dreary and gloomy side they are exposed to.

These latter type of friend-seekers’ escapism has set pace for many a rat race and allure of the temporal aspects of the ailing world. They are so engrossed in thrill-seeking that all the inhibitions regarding the contagious vile nature of these friends are tossed, never to consider them.

They should at least have a feel of the repercussions of garnering such friendships where the vices and all the filth that their friends carry is passed on to them because of constant companionship. These vices remain with them throughout their lifetime, while the friends who exposed them to this slowly part away from the picture. Well, pigs like to revel in the filth and are unmindful of the shape they have been molded into or their appearance.

It’s like croon the melody and forfeit the legacy. According to them bygones are bygones. But they entail a treasure chest of lessons to learn. They should not give lame excuses and try to cloak their ‘eventful’ or distasteful life. They live in a different world. Well, at least for me.

Questionable Meritoriousness of Government Servants

Some public servants are plagued by superiority complexes and are oblivious of the danger lurking behind in the form of a scorned customer. Here, nobody is expected to be diligent in discharging their duties and every other person that approaches them becomes the victim of official apathy. They are led to believe that they have absolute dominion over parched lands which come under their sovereignty.

But sorry to say, mongrels too have a say over their territory and are stoned and chased during their whole lifetime. Many of these ‘sublime’ individuals have secured their spot in these PSUs by sheer accident and a favorable upturn of events. Ruling over people in shanties in the suburban landscape is different from that of taming the lions.

These illiterate and ill-informed individuals have bartered their spot for a buttload of moolah from their own coffers. They seem to expend all their energy and time in retrieving this lost treasure. This ascertains the fact that they do not deserve the plum post lavished on them. A scathing attack from a harassed victim might deliver a death knell to their siphoning prospects and make them mull over shifting loyalties.

Well, it’s a dog’s life- preying on the leftovers and changing loyalties. Where is their integrity?

Of Being Grammatically Correct

Grammar is a framework for juvenile minds that is introduced to inculcate a sense of developing language skills and has to be discarded after the purpose of it is accomplished. It ensures that the pupil stays put on the designated course and improves his cognitive abilities.

Grammar can be figuratively compared to a leash used for a dog. An intelligent dog does not require a leash to stay at an arm’s length of its master. While a pup is kept on a short leash, a dog is often left unchained with the freedom to wander away because it is expected to return to its own home. The leash has to be taken off after the stepping into adulthood because it may cause the dog to look unintelligible and playful.

This is what an adult looks when a leash like grammar is tied to him and nitpicks others works based on it. A creeper needs support because of its weak structure and shoots forth tendrils to harness itself. Needless to say, grammar is for the weak at language or people with playful minds and not the other way round. Children are very weak and should be inculcated this habit in their formative years.

Let go of the milk and liquid food and savor solid food, for you have stepped into adulthood. Let not the leash bother you.

Drunkenness Unravelled

There are two types of winebibbers. The first type have a strong fetish and drool over glittering bottles. They are the ones whose behavior after the intoxication can be aptly termed as drunken revelry. They can go to any length to quench their thirst for these bottles and often the passion for these consumes them by burning a hole in their pockets. Then they end up loitering in the streets for funding their next program.

While the first type have no qualms about being labelled worthless, the second type are very much obsessed over this fetish leaving a dent in their reputation. These respectable winebibbers resort to intoxication within the confines of their homes. This is done to dampen the prospects of them being noticed and lambasted by acquaintances.

The former ones are often reprimanded by these latter brethren of theirs for lack of a civilized life or decorum. They want them to be cloaked like them by virtues often misleading the onlookers because they can get downright hypocritical. These hypocrites’ derogatory remarks do not bring a change in the winebibber’s heart because figuratively speaking, damp weather is not conducive to kindle a raging fire. As Gandhi put it, ‘Be the change you want to see’.