Delusions Regarding Masculinity

Nowadays the atmosphere among people is clouded heavily with wrong notions pertaining to masculinity. Sometimes these notions overshadow their discerning capacity as to what category certain qualities fit into and most of the time they are right about their inhibitions they have regarding them. They can do better just by trusting their hunches and make a better informed discretion.

Some of the notions can be very weird and border on the diabolical side. These can be knocking on your heart to show your ‘manly’ side in avenging certain insults that people poke on your ego- again, a ‘manly’ attribute. Some even say, “Be a man, have a smoke” or ” Don’t be a coward, go head-on and rain blows on him- teach him a fitting lesson so that he can mend his ways”. This list goes on and on.

In all of these cases, it is better to let off some steam rather than settle score with the ‘man’. There are myriad ways to prove your masculinity or more precisely, your mettle. This can be done by overcoming certain odds or taboo imposed by your fate or society. Surely, men are born and not made by their choices. Male and female are differentiated by their organs of copulation.

Smoking, avenging or indulging in other form of revelry does not make you a man. Show your manly side- stamp down the ancient of evils. Things have a divine or a diabolical nature and nothing else. Masculine and feminine are not categories to fit these things into.


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