Lumbering Advisors

I thought it was about time to take you through a tour of a number of fallacies that elders are prone to. To keep it concise, I will share only a few of them. But remember that I don’t despise any of them. It’s just a case of prejudice or so I put. You have the freedom of mocking them or idolizing them.

The first outrageous fallacy is that experience makes them better placed at arriving at the right decision. But incidentally, decisions and the best of them are made by intuition and this alone is the lone ingredient to a savourable outcome. Thus, a diviner is the ultimate choice who can be competitive enough to make the right decision.

The second fallacy is that people grow wise with age, but this is not the case. Intellect is not connected with age but is endowed to a select few. To ascertain this fact, it’s worthy to note that aged horses do not race in the derby but are shot at. So, on an ending note, whatever arguments these wise old ‘sages’ put forth hold no water and sure enough, broken old cisterns never do.


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