Mental Repercussions

The thought process of vandals, vagabonds and other perverse people seem to be very much plain and simple. They are on the lines of “What people can do to us? There is nothing in their hands. All their thoughts and plans are laid down bare before us. Let us revel in this moment and strike them.” This bravery stemming forth is actually fattedness.

Such thoughts have become deeply embossed on their less aware minds as to what damage they can cause to this ‘alert’ mind of theirs. This frailty or negligence on their part over the wilting power it holds on the fragrant virtues they forfeit for this diabolical frame of mind can cause utmost and irreparable damage.

The most glaring aspect of this saga is that all this carnage over the minds is willfully caused and there seems no prospect of it to wane down. Nevertheless, they should be made aware and humble efforts can be amply rewarded. They should be reminded that it is not wise to revel in the filth as the very nature of it makes people turn their heads in disgust.


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