Drunkenness Unravelled

There are two types of winebibbers. The first type have a strong fetish and drool over glittering bottles. They are the ones whose behavior after the intoxication can be aptly termed as drunken revelry. They can go to any length to quench their thirst for these bottles and often the passion for these consumes them by burning a hole in their pockets. Then they end up loitering in the streets for funding their next program.

While the first type have no qualms about being labelled worthless, the second type are very much obsessed over this fetish leaving a dent in their reputation. These respectable winebibbers resort to intoxication within the confines of their homes. This is done to dampen the prospects of them being noticed and lambasted by acquaintances.

The former ones are often reprimanded by these latter brethren of theirs for lack of a civilized life or decorum. They want them to be cloaked like them by virtues often misleading the onlookers because they can get downright hypocritical. These hypocrites’ derogatory remarks do not bring a change in the winebibber’s heart because figuratively speaking, damp weather is not conducive to kindle a raging fire. As Gandhi put it, ‘Be the change you want to see’.


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