Timeless Creatures

Some people are outside the time dimension- they never age, at least in their skewed understanding related to their contemporaries. This narrow view is factual in their minds owing to an innate desire to remain immortal. They christen their older kith and kin with many fancy names such as papa, oldie and the like.

While they don’t want a peek into their past juvenile selves or their kinsmen’s, just a mere mention of the phases in their life can leave you with cracked ribs, contusions, multiple lacerations or even in the gravest consequence, in a vegetative state. So it is best to vent out your anger on the weaker or helpless people who cannot do any harm, rather than them. For example, the lame or beggars or paraplegic or anorexic or anyone frail and who won’t retort back. After this exercise you can return as the dust would have been settled.

This has to be done because if two birds are to be shot, the one perched on the tree is far better than the one that has flown away. Don’t be crestfallen if nothing works. Be far from being a object of disdain. These uncouth people derive sadistic pleasure from these antics. A comparative approach, taking into account their youngest peers can prove liberating to them.


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