Of Being Grammatically Correct

Grammar is a framework for juvenile minds that is introduced to inculcate a sense of developing language skills and has to be discarded after the purpose of it is accomplished. It ensures that the pupil stays put on the designated course and improves his cognitive abilities.

Grammar can be figuratively compared to a leash used for a dog. An intelligent dog does not require a leash to stay at an arm’s length of its master. While a pup is kept on a short leash, a dog is often left unchained with the freedom to wander away because it is expected to return to its own home. The leash has to be taken off after the stepping into adulthood because it may cause the dog to look unintelligible and playful.

This is what an adult looks when a leash like grammar is tied to him and nitpicks others works based on it. A creeper needs support because of its weak structure and shoots forth tendrils to harness itself. Needless to say, grammar is for the weak at language or people with playful minds and not the other way round. Children are very weak and should be inculcated this habit in their formative years.

Let go of the milk and liquid food and savor solid food, for you have stepped into adulthood. Let not the leash bother you.


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