Questionable Meritoriousness of Government Servants

Some public servants are plagued by superiority complexes and are oblivious of the danger lurking behind in the form of a scorned customer. Here, nobody is expected to be diligent in discharging their duties and every other person that approaches them becomes the victim of official apathy. They are led to believe that they have absolute dominion over parched lands which come under their sovereignty.

But sorry to say, mongrels too have a say over their territory and are stoned and chased during their whole lifetime. Many of these ‘sublime’ individuals have secured their spot in these PSUs by sheer accident and a favorable upturn of events. Ruling over people in shanties in the suburban landscape is different from that of taming the lions.

These illiterate and ill-informed individuals have bartered their spot for a buttload of moolah from their own coffers. They seem to expend all their energy and time in retrieving this lost treasure. This ascertains the fact that they do not deserve the plum post lavished on them. A scathing attack from a harassed victim might deliver a death knell to their siphoning prospects and make them mull over shifting loyalties.

Well, it’s a dog’s life- preying on the leftovers and changing loyalties. Where is their integrity?


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