The Friend Trend

Many youth of vigor seem to be enamored by the idea of being privy to friendships that are bound to take them nowhere. While the wise opt for friends who are a call away during distress, another section of people garner friendship just to get a glimpse of the lively and colorful world rather than the dreary and gloomy side they are exposed to.

These latter type of friend-seekers’ escapism has set pace for many a rat race and allure of the temporal aspects of the ailing world. They are so engrossed in thrill-seeking that all the inhibitions regarding the contagious vile nature of these friends are tossed, never to consider them.

They should at least have a feel of the repercussions of garnering such friendships where the vices and all the filth that their friends carry is passed on to them because of constant companionship. These vices remain with them throughout their lifetime, while the friends who exposed them to this slowly part away from the picture. Well, pigs like to revel in the filth and are unmindful of the shape they have been molded into or their appearance.

It’s like croon the melody and forfeit the legacy. According to them bygones are bygones. But they entail a treasure chest of lessons to learn. They should not give lame excuses and try to cloak their ‘eventful’ or distasteful life. They live in a different world. Well, at least for me.


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