Dirt-Cheap Mentality

Cities are not litter-free. The surroundings may be Utopian and litter-free but the people themselves are drenched and sunk neck-deep in filth. Their bones have rotten deep to the marrow on account of jealousy. No matter how often they bathe with quality cake of soaps, the stench emanating from their gut deep down is often met with revulsion.

No matter how much lather they produce to ward off this stench, this superfluous action merits no response. These alive and kicking garbage mounds spread the contagion far and wide to towns, even those who boast of pristine beach surroundings.

What’s more surprising is that these garbage mounds replete with their stench are welcomed there. It is better to torch these garbage mounds along with the surroundings and the contagion. Well, there can be no second thoughts as garbage is always incinerated and not used to adorn the house.

P.S: The flies and maggots can be spared as they help in bio-degrading this garbage- again, a noble thing.


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